A Little bit about Subtle Energy Fields

We live in a quantum universe. What does this mean for us at the everyday experiential level? How does any one person integrate all the aspects of their holographic self? Here is my attempt to synthesize those diverse interests of mine that in reality are expressions of all the same energy wave – from my background as a landscape architect, to being a student of sacred geometry in art, architecture & solar system, to living my knowing through conscious parenting.

The following article by Richard Crutchfield, PhD, Past President of Appalachian Dowsers Society, tentatively identifies some of the core energetics embedded in the Orbital Calendar. I have read with great interest over the years of the research of Rudolph Steiner on the subtle energy fields affecting the growth of plants for instance, as well as Maria Thun, about how cosmic field radiation benefits plant growth at various times. Phillip Callahan’s research on paramagnetic forces and the implications for environmental health or otherwise is equally compelling.

Sacred Space: A New Orbital Calendar

by Richard Crutchfield, Ph.D

[Dr. Crutchfield is in the process of updating his research from 7 years ago. It will be posted when available. Thank you.]