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FINALLY I have my new website up and ready to go.. and I’m excited to share also about my new MONTHLY WALL Calendar.   I had So much fun deciding to make a theme for this year 2016 about each of the names of the months and how they got their names and the people they were named for.  Little tidbits of history.
Hope you all enjoy the other updates to to the large scale poster. I’ve been making more tweeks based up more teacher requests and other wonderful astronomy types.
This year I’ve included most of the meteor showers that we might see here in the northern hemisphere….

Please go to my new Celestial Dynamics Zazzle publisher link to see the various formats.

These can be shipped from your own countries to reduce shipping costs. The largest poster is 20″ however. 

QUICK NOTE: my first grandbaby is on his way right now, March 6th across state in Raleigh, NC  I’ll get the link ready in a couple days for those of you who prefer the larger 27 inch version.  My apologies for the wait.

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Independent Mayan archeological researcher, John Major Jenkins has crossed the rainbow bridge.

July  2017    The fabulous indepth Mayan archeological researcher, John Major Jenkins has crossed the rainbow bridge. His Mayan research is at the heart of the Orbital Calendar’s mayan version. I love that honored the Quiche Mayans haab year that has been continually kept for 100’s of years – before the conquest. Blessings and love to all his family and family of the heart.  He will be sorely missed by many and much too soon.

He has been my hero for many years and he wrote me a lovely little piece to explain the new/psychic children for my camp for aware children years ago and I used al…