Celebration PLAQUES


Custom-Designed Framable Art

Mayan Celebration Plaques

Long Count Mayan Calendar Dates in the style of Mayan Glyphs
on Stone Stelae

to honor

Marriage Commitments, Birth Celebrations, Adoptions, Anniversaries, Special Incorporation Dates, etc.
Choice of background. borders etc.:
The Mayans carved on granite stone monuments, painted on wood, bark paper, they painted on whitewashed walls and over molded stucco; and they carved on jade; their most valued stone, representing the color green and the Center of the Universe. They also used extensively the colors, brick red as well as a certain quality of blue seen in many cultures throughout the world
The following Certificates are somewhat reminiscent of the granite standing stones as seen in various archeological records for recording important dates.
See a sample Wedding Certificate here. Request your favorite colors.
Contact Nancy for your custom special events to be commemorated in Mayan glyphs style..
All plaques come with a Legend explaining the function of each glyph.
YOu may order through the website buyButton2 and then contact me by email or phone to discuss your vision/needs.
YOu chooose your choice of border and background, such as in in soothing, deep jade green ( or medium forest green). Jade was the most revered of the stones by the Mayans and it represented more than good luck; it was also used to represent the center of the universe – where all things blend in harmony!
Or choose other colors combinations planned to match your intended frame or purpose such as gold tone which the Mayans also revered.
Printed on specialty heavy weight Art paper with some texture to it. Also your choice: whatever phrase you think fits your occasion.
Some examples: “consecrated in marriage” … In honor of,
Nancy Baumgarten