Here are some slices of the TimeSpace Map throughout the years showing a little bit of the history of the graphic changes over time…. NKB

2013 – Graphic Updates include: the dayside versus nightside of earth vibrantly shown; Better readability of all day/date text on our ring, and the addition of a whole layer of 52 weekly circles to identiry where we are in space – put a pennyon it! watch your kids light up when they “get it”!


2012 – Graphic Improvements included color coding the seasons for a vibrant quickly readable chart for students and our visual pleasure. The Sun image was also changed to the fiery alive image from NASA – SOHO that shows the coronal mass ejections (CME’s) flying off the surface. .


2010 Close up: LOW RESOLUTION:


2009 Close up: LOW RESOLUTION:


Sample of Orbital Calendar 2007 and 2008 Milky Way shown in Visible Light…with images of planets, and sun in exact heliocentric relation to the center of galactic alignment.. Eliminated the Orbital paths to show background better. Changed to images of solar system planets for greater realism.


Sample of Orbital Calendar 2005 Milky Way shown in Visible Light….


Sample of Previous years Orbital Calendar 2000-2004
Milky Way shown in Near InfraRed….


Sample of years 1992 – 1994 no longer available online. Milky Way was shown in visible light.