(Another brief sample from Orbital Calendar Guidebook: Mayan Proportional Harmonics and Our Place in Space

Section I


In the past 40 years, knowledge of Universe has increased at a rate unimaginable to preceding generations. For most of the 20th century, it was believed that Universe was comprised of two distinct elements, energy and matter. Quantum physics has now demonstrated that particle (matter) and wave (energy) can be one and the same, can move between one state of being and another. This technical discovery implies that time and space are not separate entities, and opens scientific inquiry to the potential ability to “see” the power of prayer in physical dimension, for instance. The study of both the sciences and the cosmologies of philosophy/religion are needed to increase human understanding of our “place in space”.

The Orbital Calendar Time-Space Map and this guidebook address some of the basic relationships in our local portion of the physical universe and note a few of the cultural observations that acknowledge them.

So, how do we fit, where do we fit?
Universe as we know it is made up of many interlocking levels of spiraling energy that take form in planetary systems and galaxies and groupings of galaxies.
This spiraling energy is also at the basis of the atom – it can be seen in the dance of the proton, the neutron and the revolving electron. We know that humans – and everything
else – are made up of atoms. It is the arrangement of these atoms that makes one thing itself, and another thing something else.
Watson and Crick revealed another level of universal spiraling energy when they discovered the double-helix form of DNA.
Science has now reached out to investigate radio galaxies and quasars. In the other direction of magnitude, we find correlates in our own human system and brain wave frequencies. Universe is infinite in her manifold resonances. The Mayan calendric system demonstrates a very special knowledge of these interrelationships – opening us to new insights into the nature of our own reality.
The diagram above shows a bit of Universe’s genealogy, to give you a visual clue into the incredible magnitude of our family history.